06 July 2020

Obituary: Arthur (Art) Alexiou

We are very sad to learn of the passing of Arthur (Art) Alexiou on 16 June 2020. The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) has published an obituary outlining some of Art's many achievements and honors on the UNESCO website

Arthur Alexiou

Image: From the UNESCO website

03 July 2020

New Book on Assessment of Climate Change over the Indian Region

A new open-access book provides a compelling scientific account of the influence of human activities on key aspects of the regional climate of the Indian subcontinent, the adjoining Indian Ocean, and the Himalayas. To find out more, click the heading...
30 June 2020

Climatological, Meteorological and Environmental Factors in the COVID-19 Pandemic

A rapidly arranged international virtual symposium will take place in early August to examine the role of a range of environmental variables in the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information click the heading above. The abstract deadline is 10 July 2020.
Science Highlights
26 June 2020

Context for interpreting equilibrium climate sensitivity and transient climate response from the CMIP6 Earth system models

A new article published in Science Advances reviews and synthesizes the latest developments in equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS) and transient climate response (TCR) values in WCRP's Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP). To learn more click...
22 June 2020

Allianz Climate Risk Research Award

The Allianz Climate Risk Research Award supports scientific research that improves our understanding of climate change-related risks. For more information, click the heading above. The deadline is 31 August 2020.
Science Highlights
17 June 2020

Pervasive ice sheet mass loss reflects competing ocean and atmosphere processes

A recent article by Ben Smith and others in Science uses Satellite laser altimetry to show the extent of ice sheet mass loss since 2003. To find out more, click the heading above.
15 June 2020

Draft CORDEX experiment design for dynamical downscaling of CMIP6

The WCRP Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) Scientific Advisory Team has developed a draft experiment design document for the CORDEX CMIP6 downscaling efforts. Click the heading above to find out more.